Why I Work Out The Beachbody Way

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Beachbody Plank
Beachbody workouts surfaced quite a while ago, with the introduction of Tony Horton and P90x. The hour-long workouts were brutal, but they gave great results. The issue I always had with the program was the fact that it really didn’t ramp up the effort, it was turned up to 11 from the start. Since then, they have introduced a line-up of programs for just about any skill or fitness level, so it’s a lot more approachable. They even updated the P90x series with a 30 minute version (P90x3). With limited equipment, it’s a great way to build core, balance, and endurance with an approachable price point.

The Good: Low cost, limited equipment or monthly fees. Builds endurance and strength. Can be done from home.

The Bad: Home workouts can get lonely without a group to cheer you on, and without the accountability it can be hard to push through. The DVD programs can get repetitive if you repeat them often.

What is it?

Beachbody workout programs vary from the 21 day fix that focuses on nutrition and learning basic body movements, to Body Beast and Hammer and Chisel that work into free weights and building muscles. With more workout programs introduced every 6 months or so, there are always a few new options on the horizon.

When I started to see my results from the 21day fix it got me excited to keep going, and I haven’t stopped because I love how it makes me feel. It has brought confidence in my life and I am super proud of myself for sticking with something for the past few years without a stop in sight. If that sounds good for you, here’s what to do:shoes

First steps

The Beachbody program works best if you join into a challenge group, which is a 3 week starter group put on by a coach to help with accountability and support. I run them once per month so if you’re looking to get plugged in I’m always here to help. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Find a Coach, Beachbody coaches are able to match you with a program that will fit your goals, and support you with accountability and community to get you there. Work with me here.
  2. Join the Challenge Group and get the Program, The 21 Day Fix is a great starter program to get squared away on both working out on a routine basis and set up to eat right with clean ingredients and portions. Looking to start out a bit more aggressive? Spring for P90x30 or Hammer and Chisel.
  3. Do it Completely, no slacking or augmenting unless you have a medical issue that makes a move dangerous and just un-doable.  Follow the plan no matter what. It takes three weeks to get a habit established so do it right and make it stick.
  4. Reap the Rewards, Yep, you’re going to get hooked and you’re going to love it. Welcome to the healthiest addiction in the world.Beachbody Flexing
I became a beachbody coach because I discovered how much having one in my life changed how I view fitness. I was never that person that expected to start working out and actually enjoy it. I love helping people become better. I have watched my customers grow as more centered people, lose weight, be more confident, and of course get fit. I am super passionate about nutrition, specifically making healthy food that still tastes amazing.
Want to know more? I’d love to hear from you! E-mail me anytime!

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