6 Things I Do Every Morning

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I used to love sleeping in, my husband would kiss me goodbye sometime around 6 and I wouldn’t get up until a cranky kid dragged me out from under my warm covers. The problem with that was I always felt like I was chasing life. It’s so important to start the day right, and that just can’t happen when you roll out of bed already late for the first thing on the schedule. My morning routine has been going through some growth spurts lately, and I’m really enjoying the change. Here’s how I’ve taken back my mornings and started to really make a big change in life.Laptop Light

  1. It starts at night – Getting to bed early is a huge part of functioning in the morning. It’s important to get enough sleep or the routine becomes a slog and you just don’t get much out of it. I’m shooting for a 10pm bedtime, and so far half of the time I’m getting there.
  2. Get a set time to wake up – Just like getting your body used to going to bed at the same time each night needs to happen, waking up at a set schedule programs your body to start functioning when you want it to. I’m set for about 6am wakeup.mobile-phone-iphone-music-38295
  3. Podcasts are great – I’m loving the wakeup I get from listening to a great podcast while I get ready to work out. It’s a perfect time to start the day filling up with some personal development.
  4. Pre-Workout – I drink up my pre-workout while I get ready to give me an extra boost. I make sure not to workout on a full stomach so I only use about half the normal serving. Because three kids and a full stomach doesn’t work well for my bladder, I keep the water drinking light before jumping around too.Shoes
  5. Exercise – This is something I really look forward to in the morning. I never thought that would be the case, but it’s totally true. Getting my heart rate up in the morning makes me feel incredibly accomplished before the kids even have a chance to get up. Also, it’s just about the only time I can get it done without a million interruptions from those kids!healthy-lunch-meal-fruits
  6. Eat Breakfast – I know it may seem like an obvious one, but it’s really important to fuel your body with a healthy, balanced breakfast. Mix up some fruit, greek yogurt, an crunchy granola for a light meal that won’t slow you down.

Do you have any morning routines that you use to get a jump start on your day? I’d love to hear what you do to make the day a good one!

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