Jabra Bluetooth ROX headphones

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www.jabra.com $75

I’m just going to throw it out there, I hate wires. They’re messy, tangle easily, and get in my way to the point that I avoid them whenever possible. I’ve torn up more than a few headphone wires and charging cables. So whenever I get the chance to ditch a wire, you can bet I’m interested. While trying Bluetooth headsets in the past, they just didn’t have the battery power or sound, or they were just too bulky to really enjoy. That’s changed with the Jabra ROX, they have a smooth minimalist design that just works. The headphones deliver crisp, deep sound with plenty of dynamic range; and the in-ear design comfortably blocks out the world.

Testing these headphones happened over the course of a few months during workouts in the garage and listening to podcasts in the morning. In every situation, the headphones stayed put and stayed comfortable even when things got sweaty. Taking the headphones out, they naturally hang around the neck, and a magnet in each earbud holds them together and turns off the Bluetooth connection. When putting them back on, the connection was back up within a few seconds with no need to push a button or mess with the phone. I had to make sure to turn them off before stowing in my bag because the magnetic connection didn’t always stay together and connected a few times when I didn’t want them to, but overall that was a minor issue.

Battery life on the headset seemed to last for days, with continual use, I had at least 3-4 continuous hours of playback without the need to juice up; and phone calls came in clear and loud enough to hear over background noise.

Overall, I haven’t tried out a better set of Bluetooth headphones with such an intuitive design and dynamic range So ditch those wires and grab a set for yourself.

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