How I Got Fit (and you can too!)

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This is it. The first post to tell you all about me, about my struggles as a mom and as a woman, and to let you in on the reason behind my mission to get and stay fit. I may be a lot like you or I may not, but I know we share some common threads. Like, I sometimes feel trapped. Trapped in a circle of life that has me getting up and tending to responsibilities while I forget or ignore my own needs. That’s ok sometimes, it’s a part of life. But when it becomes all of life, something has to give.

I’m here because a few years ago something gave. I couldn’t take the stress and my health was showing it. Headaches, weight gain, and just a lack of inspiration settled over me like a soft, suffocating blanket. That’s when I took a step, when I reached out to a friend and told her that I wanted to be better. I started eating better, working out daily, and almost immediately felt different. The routine and discipline gave me confidence in myself and my ability to stick to the hard things. Life was a bit brighter, days were more enjoyable, I gained a new¬†perspective, and I found a great reason to get up and face the day – by dominating it.

I hope if you’re in the same place I was, you’ll reach out and let me help you become the person we both¬†know you can be. I’m here to help you wish for it, then do it. I’m here to get you fit for life.


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