Healthy Breakfast Tacos: Delish

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Breakfast Tacos

Yep, a good day starts off with plenty of good things, take a look here for my list of 6 that I do to get up on the right side of that bed. But a big part of that waking up right thing comes from making sure you eat a good breakfast. Here’s my fast, healthy, and oh-so-tasty recipe for breakfast tacos.

Makes 6, takes 10 minutes

6 corn taco tortillas

6 eggs

1 Sliced Jalapeño

2 Tbsp Cilantro

Salt, Pepper, Salsa to Taste

1/2 lime

Scramble the eggs and jalapeño, season with salt and pepper and toss onto warmed tortillas. Top with cilantro, lime juice, and go have a great day.

Do you have a favorite breakfast recipe? I’d love to hear about it!

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