Follow this simple checklist so that you can get started the right way with your Beachbody Challenge Group.

  • Determine if you already know the program you want. If you do, check out our Beachbody Challenge Packs  to get started and learn more.
  • Figure out what the best time is for you to start (what month/time of the year).
  • Budget the money to get your Challenge Pack. I believe in putting skin in the game. This will be cheaper than a Gym Membership, and putting the money towards it gives you that financial motivation on top of your internal motivation to get in shape.
  • Fill out the form below if you are not sure if what Challenge Pack you want. From there, I can help you figure out what would work best for YOU.

Get Started with the Beachbody Challenge Group by filling out the form below. That way we can get an understanding of your goals and match you up with the best people and program for you. After all, this is about YOUR success, so let’s build it now! After you submit, I’ll be in touch with you within 24 hours.