Beach Body Workout Programs

Beachbody workouts are a convenient way to get your sweat on without leaving home. All programs come with DVDs and 30 day free access to Beachbody® on Demand for streaming to your set devices or smart TV. Of course, working out is only one side, eating right is the other. Jump start your fitness journey with a 3 Day Refresh or Shakeology to help make healthy eating a part of your life.

Challenge Packs Save You Money! ($40-$70 on average)

Kickstart Challenge Packs

Kick-start your transformation—inside and out!

In today’s world, results can’t come fast enough—unless you Kickstart them! This triple-threat gives you everything you need for an accelerated, total-body makeover.
Kickstart challenge packs combine workout series with Shakeology and the 3 Day Refresh for a significant savings. Here are some of our favorites.

Other Programs

Looking for something a bit different? why not take a look at one of these?

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